Henri Nouveau

by Bernard Richter (translated by Ilse Martin)
“Sex TGB” – The sexual diaries 1915-1946. Three volumes:
I. Budapest – Kronstadt – Berlin, 1915-1925.
II: Berlin – Paris 1926-1935.
III: Paris 1936-1946.

Manuscript in pencil, ink and typescript. 422; 538; 514 pages to about 40 lines. With a few drawings in the text, a photograph, magazine clippings. Gray cardboard (21×28 cm).
Unpublished and largely unknown document of more than an extreme sexual life history, starting in Transylvania and Budapest where the wunderkind Henrik Neugeboren as a pianist in the vicinity of the Bartók School of Music is formed, then in the twenties he studied music in Berlin, later changed to the Dessau Bauhaus and in the early thirthies he settled in Paris, where he continued his musical studies but changed to painting in the fourties.
On the one hand, the sexual practices and performances, but also ideas, and phantasms and dreams in great diversity and many varieties like in a terrific construction, are presented. (In contrast to Marquis de Sade there are real practices and not only fantasized ones) Next, and therein lies its unique value is that there are complete diary notes from the age of 16 to 57 over a period of 43 years, and the allowance of a detailed longitudinal analysis of such a development to the higher age.” (Jürg Hansen, Abstraktion vom sinnlichen Erleben, Stuttgart 1967). Henrik Neugeboren / Henri Nouveau (1901 Brasov-1959 Paris) emerged in the twenties and thirties as a composer and pianist (scholar of Busoni and Nadja Boulanger) and studied at the Dessau Bauhaus at the end of the twenties, where he introduced Wassily Kandinsky to Paul Klee. In Paris in the thirties and fourties he had close contact with artists such as Oelze, Picabia, Theo van Doesburg, Robert and Sonja Delaunay, Sándor Bortnyik and others.The fetishist’s legacy “found in two leather suitcases” shortly after his death (H.Giese).
Nouveau occupied the Hamburg school of sexual research with Bürger-Prinz and Giese in the sixties, in the 70s cultural scientists such as Peter Gorsen in the seventies. (Henri Nouveau und die Ästhetik der perversen Sexualität, IN: Thomas Ziehe u.a. (Ed.) Der sexuelle Körper – ausgeträumt?, Berlin 1984. “Henri Nouveau a su conquérir une pays que jamais personne n’a possédé.” (Francis Picabia).

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