About Ilse Martin

I was born 1953 with a dysmelia of the left lower arm. As there is no causer for such a handicap I had to learn early how to cope in life single handed.
At the age of 16 I quit school, married an American soldier and later we got transferred to the USA. There I learned quickly about the open American way of including people with a disability.
Key West (Florida) and King City (California) were beautiful places but my homesickness was stronger than anything else. Consequently we went back to Germany. Not long after that my husband returned to the US and I stayed here at Maintal with my children.
From then on I had the responsibility for my two daughters. My ex-husband didn’t pay any child support and the people at the employment-office told me there was no job for me as a disabled person without a high school diploma.
But there were open-minded people in Germany also, who not only saw my handicap, but also the person behind it. A doctor in my town gave me the opportunity to become a doctor’s assistant. He tought me many things about alternative medicine and acupuncture. A few years later I started working for an institution that deals with health insurance and doctor’s bills. At the same time I went to evening school to become a healing practitionar and I did a practical course in acupuncture in Hangzhou, China.
Since 1998 I work in my own practise as a healing practitionar in Maintal-Hochstadt. Acupuncture dominates my life and is the emphasis of my work. I also treat my patients with homoeopathy and holistic massages.
From 2001 to 2004 I went to night school to get my diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation. After reaching that goal I matriculated at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt for pedagogics.

From October 2004 till Febraury 2010 I studied Special Education and recieved my Diploma.

Now I am writing my book about Devotees and write on my dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy.

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