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November 2009, 249 pages,

ISBN 978-3-89967-592-4 Pick It! , Price: 25,- €

Aglaja Stirn, Aylin Thiel, Silvia Oddo (Eds.)

Body Integrity Identity Disorder:
Psychological, Neurobiological, Ethical and Legal Aspects
Papst Science Publisher, Lengerich

Fascination Handicap – A Desire for Differentness
Ilse Martin

In the survey on an attraction to disability, Mancophilia, 163 participants gave their subjective point of view on their desire for bodily differentness. This phenomenon was first described at the end of the 19th century. Not many studies on this subject have been carried out yet. The questionnaires used here dealt with the wide diversity of the preference. 89% were male and 11% female. Many remember a key experience and an awareness of their special view on asymmetric beauty and physical differentness. A significant number of Mancophiles have been aware of this preference since their youth, 16% claimed to have BIID and 21% have pretended to be an Amputee. This phenomenon is very complex and multi-faceted. (p. 175-180)


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