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The phenomenon of Mancophilia (from lat. homo mancus = disabled person and Greek philia = friendship) is an attraction to disabilities, such as missing limbs (congenital or amputated), palsy or orthopaedic aids (prostheses or ortheses, crutches, braces). It can also mean an attraction to people with dysfunctions of the senses, such as deafness, blindness or speech disorders, which also includes lisping and stuttering.  It describes the affinity to persons with bodies with a physical deficit or deficiency.

There have been different definitions developed in the past years, defining it as a perversion, paraphilia, sexual deviation, fetish or partialism, describing it as: cripple fetish, deformation fetish, defect fetish, Acrotomophilia, Amputophilia. People with this desire were and are also called Admirer, Hobbyist, Fan, Amputist, Devotee or Amelotatist.


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