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How you can help

Because I have a handicap myself I want to write more than a thesis about Amelotatism. Beyond that I want to make the topic more accessible to the public.
But I won’t be able to reach this goal by myself. As a healing practitioner I have to primarily take care of my practise. Time is very short and professional help, which would help bring this project forward quicker would just be unpayable for me.

Help, no matter how is very welcome! Either you:

  • Links on other websites
  • Recommend this site to friends and acquaintances
  • Publications in the media
  • Linking-up to other scientific works to this topic
  • Or you make a donation to help cover my expenses for this project

If you want to make a useful contribution to help bring this project forward, don’t hesitate to contact me ilse.martin@arcor.de.

My book wish-list at Amazon you can find at:
There you’ll find a list of books I need for my studies.

For monetary donations you can use the following account:

Recipient: Ilse Martin
IBAN: DE77120300000016496895

Donators from outside the EU please contact me under ilse.martin@arcor.de. Thank you!


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