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Also called BIID = Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Wannabes have a strong desire to be amputated or paralysed, which was manifest in childhood already. People who suffer from BIID find certain parts or functions of their body disturbing and unnecessary. They have the belief their body has a handicap knowing it is not reality. They feel through an amputation or a paraplegia their body reaches perfection. Most Wannabes want to have their arm or leg amputated, often more limbs and seldom there is a wish to have a paraplegia. As BIID is not recognized as an illness, medics cannot obey these requests. Therefore it often comes to self-mutilations. They find people with a handicap attractive and arouse themselves sexually be imagining their own amputation. The cause of these disturbing limbs is still open. There are neuropsychologic studies taking place to find out about mutilations of the functional regions of the brain in BIID patients.

The team of Professor Dr. Peter Brugger at the Neuroscience Center Zurich is doing an online survey on BIID. Please participate: 

  • http://www.info.usz.ch/noswebtachi/BIID/biid_engl_v2.htm"

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