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Amputee fetishism

In default of scientificly founded examples of recent definitions of the expression Amelotatism (Amputee fetishism) I will try to newly define this term, after having analyzed enough questionnaires. There are a few definitions for this phenomenon which are very subjective and negatively tinted. I will be able to find a new definition for this after having written my thesis. Therefore I am hoping for your energetic cooperation!

When you browse through the net you will find definitions like on the site of Wikipedia. But is Amelotatism just only what is written about it up until now?

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Amputee fetishism is one of the paraphilias grouped together as attraction to disability. It is a fetish focused on amputations, generally of limbs. An Internet virtual community exists, with its own special terminology.
Two subtypes of this fetish are generally recognized. Acrotomophilia is an intense desire for one's partner to be an amputee. Acrotomophiles are also known as "devotees." Apotemnophilia is an intense desire to be an amputee. Aptemnophiles are also known as "wannabes." With each, the presence or absence of artificial limbs as an added stimulant is a personal matter for the fetishist.
Amputation fetishism is a paraphilia, a focus on a specific body part or inanimate object. it is technically a form of teratophilia, sexual attraction to a "deformed or monstrous person".
alt.sex.fetish.amputee was a Usenet newsgroup as far back as 1996, featuring stories and pictures. It has since become overrun with spam.
Electronic Surgery (abbreviated "ES") is a term for images (usually from porn sites) that have been modified to make the subject appear as an amputee.
A "pretender" is a "wannabe" who acts out aptemnophilic fantasies, sometimes in public, usually through limb-binding and the use of loose clothing.


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